1. Do you think lying is always wrong, or are there situations where it can be justified?
  2. Is it ever ethical to lie in order to protect someone’s feelings?
  3. How do you feel when you catch someone in a lie?
  4. Do you think lying is more common in certain professions or industries?
  5. Do you think there should be a law against people cheating on their husband or wife?
  6. If you thought someone’s boyfriend or girlfriend was cheating on them, would you tell your friend bluntly, find a more diplomatic way of telling them, or just say nothing?
  7. What alternative therapies do you think are bogus?
  8. Have you heard any rumours recently?
  9. Do you know anyone who has been taken in by an April Fool’s Day article or other spoof?
  10. Did you ever lie to your parents and get away with it?
  11. Have you ever spread a rumour (about someone famous or someone you know) that turned out to be false?
  12. Do you think that the moon landings were a hoax? Why do you think some people believe that?
  13. Have you ever seen a forged painting or money? Was it a good copy?
  14. Did you ever tell tales on your siblings or classmates?
  15. Have you ever exaggerated on your CV or during a job interview?
  16. Have you ever taken an oath?
  17. Do you think you could be a good con man? Why/ Why not?
  18. Are you a good liar? What do you have to do to lie in a believable way?
  19. Can you usually tell if people are lying? How is it possible to tell?
  20. Are there ever good reasons for lying? Give some examples of what you think are harmless white lies.
  21. What is the definition of a lie?
  22. How does lying affect relationships?
  23. Can lies ever be justified?
  24. How can you tell if someone is lying to you?
  25. How do people react to being lied to?
  26. What are the consequences of lying?
  27. How does lying impact a person’s mental health?
  28. Is it possible to stop lying?
  29. What is the difference between a white lie and a malicious lie?
  30. How do lies affect a person’s ability to lead a successful life?
  31. What are the different types of lies people tell?
  32. What do you think of liars?
  33. Who lies more, men or women?
  34. Do you feel guilty when you tell lies?
  35. What kind of body language would show you that a person is lying?
  36. Would you lie to people to get a better job and more money?
  37. Has a good friend ever lied to you?
  38. Have you ever exaggerated on your CV or during a job interview?
  39. Have you ever been lied to by someone you trusted? How did you react?
  40. Is it okay for journalists to lie in order to uncover a bigger story?
  41. How do you think technology and social media have changed the way we think about lying?
  42. What are some ways you can rebuild trust after someone has lied to you?
  43. Is it ever acceptable for law enforcement officials to lie during an investigation?
  44. Should compulsive lying be considered a mental disorder?
  45. What should happen to politicians who lie to the public?
  46. What should happen to athletes who lie about using performance-enhancing drugs?
  47. What should happen to students who cheat on exams or plagiarise?
  48. What should happen to job applicants who lie on their resume?
  49. What should happen to journalists who fabricate stories?
  50. What should happen to doctors who lie to their patients?
  51. What should happen to witnesses who lie in court?
  52. What should happen to people who lie on social media to gain attention or followers?
  53. What should happen to people who lie on their tax return?
  54. What should happen to individuals who lie on immigration or visa applications?
  55. How do different cultures view lying?
  56. Can lying become a habit?
  57. What are some common reasons people lie?
  58. How does lying affect a person’s credibility?
  59. Is it possible to forgive someone who has lied to you?
  60. What are some common lies people tell?
  61. How do the internet and social media affect lying?
  62. How do children learn to lie?
  63. How do lies affect a person’s self-esteem?
  64. How do lies affect a person’s reputation?
  65. How can you prevent yourself from falling for lies?
  66. How do lies affect a person’s ability to trust others?
  67. How do lies affect a person’s ability to trust themselves?
  68. What are the long-term effects of lying?