Zadanie 0. Wydrukuj plik PDF, który znajdziesz pod tym linkiem, lub kontynuuj on-line.

Pobierz plik z darmową lekcją w PDF: I Want It That Way – Backstreet Boys (1999)

Zadanie 1. Wysłuchaj piosenki z youtube jednocześnie czytając tekst. O czym mówią słowa?

You are my ______________
The one _____________
Believe when I ___________
I want it that way

But we are two ______________ apart
Can’t ___________ to your _____________
When you ____________
That I want it that way

CHORUS: _______ ____________ _______
Ain’t nothin’ but a ______________
­­­­­­­­­___________ __________ ___________
Ain’t nothin’ but a _________
___________ ________ ___________
I never wanna ______________ you say
I want it that way

__________ I your fire?
Your _________ desire
Yes, I know it’s too ____________
____________ I want it that way


Now I can see that we’ve __________ __________
From the way that it ____________ to be, yeah
No matter the _____________
I want you to know
That __________ down ___________ of me

Zadanie 2. Uzupełnij luki w piosence słowami poniżej.

inside, heartache, heart, Fire, desire, hear, Am, say, worlds, reach, fallen apart, distance, used, mistake, deep, Tell me why, late, one, But

Zadanie 3. Przeczytaj komentarze. Czy zgadzasz się z nimi?

The Nonsensical Lyrics

  • The first song that pops into most peoples’ heads when Backstreet Boys are mentioned is their biggest hit I Want It That Way. The song punctuated the success of the album Millennium, released in 1999, and was responsible for the band hitting their peak. However, a dubious fact related to this song is that the lyrics don’t make a lick of sense.
  • Many critics over the years have questioned the song’s lyrical meaning, mainly the line, “I want it that way.” Ben Westhoff dissected the song, writing that its lyrical content “makes zero sense”. For Westhoff, “Mainly, the meaning of ‘that’ is at issue.” While analyzing the lyrics, Westhoff perceived that, “None of the sentiments in the chorus seem to go with any of the other ones. Even worse, no further explanation is given for what ‘that’ is.” The critic assumed that in the song “someone simply doesn’t like it when his lover expresses preferences, never wanting to hear when his girlfriend says she wants things in particular ways”. He  also noted that “The phrase ‘I want it that way’ is similarly devoid of inherent meaning, but it’s used recurringly as a kind of conclusive phrase, always calling back to those first two lines, as the song gets gradually more despairing in nature.” He also found out that “The chorus would appear to be in direct opposition to the rest of the song.” He concluded that the song “is about a relationship that’s troubled by matters of emotional and/or physical distance, but that the singer feels strongly enough about to keep it going just the same…until the chorus, at which point he decides that it’s not worth the trouble. No, it doesn’t make sense, but it’s still stirring, beautiful in its own weird way, and undeniably unforgettable. And frankly, we wouldn’t want it any other way.”

Zadanie 4. Uzupełnij definicje słowami, które są wyróżnione (na grubo). Słowa mogą być w tekście piosenki, lub w komentarzach.

  1. _______________ occur at intervals throughout (a period)
  2. ____________ an extremely small amount of sth abstract
  3. ___________ the point of highest activity, or achievement
  4. _______________ having a divided form or structure.
  5. ______________ a feeling or emotion.
  6. ______________ entirely lacking
  7. _____________ existing in something as a permanent, essential, or characteristic attribute.
  8. _______________ in a recurring manner; repeatedly.
  9. _______________ (of evidence or argument) having or likely to have the effect of proving a case; decisive.
  10. ________________ arrive at a judgement or opinion by reasoning.
  11. ______________ causing excitement or strong emotion
  12. ______________ very strange; bizarre.
  13. _______________ used to emphasize that something cannot be denied or disputed.
  14. _________________ used to emphasize the truth of a statement, however unpleasant this may be; in an open, honest, and direct manner.
  15. ____________________ in a gradual way; slowly; by degrees.
  16. _______________ showing the loss of all hope.
  17. ____________ hesitating or doubting.

Zadanie 5. Przeczytaj kolejne komentarze. 

Dirty Pop: The Darkest Secrets of Boy Bands Revealed

From New Kids on the Block to One Direction, we’re looking back on scandals hit boy bands endured during their reigns atop the charts. The catchy songs. The bold fashion statements. The poster-ready faces.

Boy bands tend to have a squeaky-clean image when they first make their well-choreographed debut, eliciting the screams of millions of devoted fans. But many boy bands’ backstories harbor dark scandals, including lawsuits, in-fighting and substance abuse issues.

YouTube documentary The Boy Band Con: The Lou Pearlman Story pulled the curtain back on the deception his mega-group and others were the victims of, detailing the betrayal of their beloved-manager-turned-enemy Lou Pearlman, who died in prison in 2016. 

Zadanie 6. Uzupełnij definicje słowami, które są wyróżnione (na grubo).

1. _________________________ remain in existence; last.
2. _________________________________ completely clean
3. ______________ evoke or draw out (a reaction, answer, or fact) from someone.
4. _____________ keep (a thought or feeling, typically a negative one) in one’s mind, especially secretly.
5. ____________ a claim or dispute brought to a law court
6. _____________ hidden conflict or competitiveness within an organization.
7. _____________________ the action of deceiving someone.
8. ___________________________ treachery, disloyalty
9. _______________ persuade (someone) to do or believe something by lying to them.

Zadanie 7. Posłuchaj piosenki jeszcze raz zastanawiając się: o czym ona jest? Możesz teraz zauważyć, na ile twoje pierwsze wrażenie po odsłuchaniu piosenki były słuszne.