Here are some mental health questions that can help you assess your overall mental well-being:

1. How often do you feel anxious or stressed?

2. Are you experiencing any symptoms of depression? If so, how frequently do you experience them?

3. Do you feel like you’re able to manage your emotions effectively?

4. How much sleep are you getting each night, and do you feel like you’re getting enough rest?

5. Do you have a support system in your life, such as friends or family members you can talk to when you’re feeling down?

6. Have you experienced any significant life changes recently, such as a move, a breakup, or a job loss?

7. Do you have any habits or behaviors that you feel are interfering with your daily life or causing you distress?

8. Have you ever sought professional help for your mental health, such as therapy or counseling?

9. Are there any activities or hobbies that help you feel calm or centered when you’re feeling overwhelmed?

10. How would you rate your overall mental health on a scale of 1 to 10?