Zadanie 0. Wydrukuj plik PDF, który znajdziesz pod tym linkiem, lub kontynuuj on-line.

Pobierz plik z darmową lekcją w PDF: Gene Pitney – Something’s Gotten Hold of My Heart (1968)

Zadanie 1. Wysłuchaj piosenki z youtube jednocześnie czytając tekst. O czym mówią słowa?

Something’s gotten hold of my heart
Keeping my ___________ and my ____________ apart
Something’s gotten into my life
Cutting its way through my dreams like a _____________
Turning me up and turning me down
Making me smile and making me ________

In a world that was small
I once lived in a time there was ___________ with no ____________ at all
But then you came my way
And a feeling ___________ shook my heart, made me want you to stay
All of my ____________ and all of my days

I gotta tell you now
Something’s gotten hold of my ___________
Dragging my soul to a ________land
Something has ____________my mind
Painting my sleep with a ____________ so bright
Changing the grey and changing the blue
_____________ for me and scarlet for you

I’ve got to know if this is the __________  thing
I’ve got to know what’s making my __________ sing
You smile and I am lost for a ______________
Each ____________ spent with you is the right time
Every hour, every day
You touch me and my mind goes ____________

Zadanie 2. Uzupełnij luki w piosence słowami poniżej.

peace, real, heart, lifetime, minute, astray, soul, knife, frown, trouble, unknown, nights, hand, beautiful, invaded, colour, Scarlet, senses

Zadanie 3. Przeczytaj komentarze. Czy zgadzasz się z nimi?

  • At the height of his fame in 1967, Pitney married his childhood sweetheart, Lynne Gayton, and the couple had three sons
  • What a career Gene Pitney has had! He’s charted sixteen Top 40 singles and released 47 albums.
    Q– You’ve always had great success overseas, but, the British in particular really took a liking to you. What do you think accounts for that?
    A – I started over there. It was a strange time to have success, because the first big record I had over there was around ’64. It was right smack in the middle of the British Invasion, when The Stones, The Beatles and just about everybody else, were dominating the world market. I had a song called “Twenty Four Hours From Tulsa” which was right against the grain of what was going on, but it was a monstrous success for me. They’re kind of like a Country ‘n’ Western fan. Once they’re a fan of yours, they’re pretty much a fan for life. I’ve gone back and done at least one tour a year over the last 25 years.
    Q – How many months of the year are you on the road?
    A – That varies an awful lot. I was traveling 11 months of the year, then I cut back to 6. I’ve found that when I made the commitment to cut back on my time, which was really made for my family’s benefit, I benefited myself, much, much, more. I didn’t know enough to stand back and get away from what I was doing. I think anybody who’s in any job at all, I don’t care what it is, if you just keep hammering away at it, you work just as hard, but you lose the one hundred per cent. Your one hundred per cent becomes ninety per cent, eighty per cent, but you’re still hammering away, so you think you’ve got the same output. You become mechanical. If I didn’t have that chance to back away, for that reason, I never would have known it. When I did walk away and take 2-3 months off, then went back and did a ‘live’ performance, the enthusiasm was so incredible. I hadn’t had that for a long time.

Zadanie 4. Uzupełnij definicje słowami, które są wyróżnione (na grubo). Słowa mogą być w tekście piosenki, lub w komentarzach.

1.____________ consider or regard in a specified way
2.____________ extraordinarily and dauntingly large.
3.______________________________________ Keep at something continuously, as in The reporters hammered away at the candidate. This phrase employs hammer in the sense of “beat repeatedly,” a usage dating from the mid-1600s.
4._________________ in a manner that is appropriate or suitable in the circumstances.
5._______________ very skilled or proficient at sth.
6.__________________ catch (an animal) in a trap.
7.______________________ the art of preparing, stuffing, and mounting the skins of animals with lifelike effect.
8.__________ away from the correct path or direction
9._______________ of a brilliant red colour
10.______________________ furrow one’s brows in an expression indicating disapproval, displeasure, or concentration.
11.___________________ the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behaviour of someone or something, or the effect itself.
12._________________ pull (someone or something) along forcefully, roughly, or with difficulty.
13._______________________ a person with whom someone is having a romantic relationship.

Zadanie 5. Posłuchaj piosenki jeszcze raz zastanawiając się: o czym ona jest? Możesz teraz zauważyć, na ile twoje pierwsze wrażenie po odsłuchaniu piosenki były słuszne.