Lekcja #23 Usa For Africa – We Are The World (1985)

Lekcja #23 Usa For Africa – We Are The World (1985)

Zadanie 0. Wydrukuj plik PDF, który znajdziesz pod tym linkiem, lub kontynuuj on-line.

Pobierz plik z darmową lekcją w PDF: Usa For Africa – We Are The World (1985)

Zadanie 1. Wysłuchaj piosenki z youtube jednocześnie czytając tekst. O czym mówią słowa?

There comes a time

When we heed a____________ call

When the __________ must come ___________as one

There are __________________dying

Oh, and it’s time to _________ __ __________ to life

The greatest________________ of all


We can’t go on

Pretending _______  ___ ________,

That someone, somewhere soon make a ____________

We’re all a part of God’s great big ___________

And the __________, you know, _________ is all we need


CHORUS: We are the ____________

                   We are the ___________

We are the ones who make a ___________ day, so let’s start giving

There’s a ___________ we’re making

We’re saving our own lives

It’s ___________  we’ll make a __________ day, just you and me


Oh, send them your ____________

So they know that someone ________________

And their lives will be ________________  and free

As ___________ has shown us by turning __________  to bread

And so we all must _________ a helping ___________


When you’re down and out, there seems no ___________at all

But if you just ____________ there’s no way we can fall

Well, well, well, well let us realize

Oh, that a ____________ can only come

When we stand ___________ as one, yeah, yeah, yeah

Zadanie 2. Uzupełnij luki w piosence słowami poniżej.

change (2x), certain, lend a (…) hand (2x), heart , day-by-day, truth, love, people , together (2x), gift, world (2x), choice, better, brighter, stronger, stones, children, hope, family, true, cares, God, believe

Zadanie 3. Przeczytaj komentarze. Czy zgadzasz się z nimi?

    • Before the writing of “We Are the World”, American entertainer and social activist Harry Belafonte had thought for some time to have a song recorded by the most well-known artists in the music industry at the time. He planned to have the proceeds donated to a new organization called United Support of Artists for Africa (USA for Africa). The non-profit foundation would then feed and relieve starving people in Africa, specifically Ethiopia, where around one million people died during the country’s 1983–1985 famine (A widespread famine affected Ethiopia from 1983 to 1985. The worst famine to hit the country in a century, it left 1.2 million dead. 400,000 refugees left the country, and 2.5 million people were internally displaced. Almost 200,000 children were orphaned.)
    • Jackson revealed to Richie that he not only wanted to sing the song, but to participate in its writing as well. To begin with, “We Are the World” was to be written by Jackson, Richie, and Wonder. As Wonder had limited time to work on the project, due to writing songs from the film The Woman in Red, Jackson and Richie proceeded to write it themselves. They began creating the song at the Jackson family home. For a week, the two spent every night working on lyrics and melodies in Jackson’s bedroom. They knew that they wanted a song that would be easy to sing and memorable. The pair wanted to create an anthem. Jackson’s older sister La Toya watched the two work on the song, and later contended that Richie only wrote a few lines for the track. She stated that her younger brother wrote 99% of the lyrics, “but he’s never felt it necessary to say that”.
    • Humanitarian aid: Four months after the release of “We Are the World”, USA for Africa had taken in almost $10.8 million (equivalent to $25 million today). The majority of the money came from record sales within the US. Members of the public also donated money—almost $1.3 million within the same time period. In May 1985, USA for Africa officials estimated that they had sold between $45 million and $47 million worth of official merchandise around the world. Organizer Ken Kragen announced that they would not be distributing all of the money at once. Instead, he revealed that the foundation would be looking into finding a long-term solution for Africa’s problems. “We could go out and spend it all in one shot. Maybe we’d save some lives in the short term but it would be like putting a Band-Aid over a serious wound.” Kragen noted that experts had predicted that it would take at least 10 to 20 years to make a slight difference to Africa’s long-term problems.

Zadanie 4. Uzupełnij definicje słowami, które są wyróżnione (na grubo). Słowa mogą być w tekście piosenki, lub w komentarzach.

1.__________________pay attention to; take notice of.
2._______________/ˈanθəm/ a musical setting of a religious text to be sung by a choir during a church service, especially in Anglican or Protestant Churches.
3._____________ worth remembering or easily remembered, especially because of being special or unusual.
4._________________ hymn, song of praise, chorale, psalm, paean
5.______________ dry spell, dry period, lack of rain, shortage of water
6.________________ unforgettable, catchy, haunting
7._______________ pay attention to, take notice of
8.________________ goods, wares, stock, commodities, produce, product
9.________________ a child whose parents are dead.
10.______________ a person who has been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster.
11.________________ goods to be bought and sold; branded products used to promote a film, pop group, etc., or linked to a fictional character;
12._____________________ a prolonged period of abnormally low rainfall, leading to a shortage of water.
13._____________________ the part played by a person or thing in bringing about a result or helping something to advance. “the major contribution of social scientists to the understanding of political life”
14.________________________/wiːt/ a cereal which is the most important kind grown in temperate countries, the grain of which is ground to make flour for bread, pasta, pastry, etc.
15.____________________/ˈflaʊə/ a powder obtained by grinding grain, typically wheat, and used to make bread, cakes, and pastry.
16.__________________ during the course of a journey; on the way.
17._____________________ goods carried on a ship, aircraft, or motor vehicle.

Zadanie 5. Posłuchaj piosenki jeszcze raz zastanawiając się: o czym ona jest? Możesz teraz zauważyć, na ile twoje pierwsze wrażenie po odsłuchaniu piosenki były słuszne.