Lekcja #2 Aeroplane (1996)

Lekcja #2 Aeroplane (1996)

Red Hot Chili Peppers “Aeroplane” (1996)

Zadanie 0. Wydrukuj plik PDF, który znajdziesz pod tym linkiem, lub kontynuuj on-line.

Pobierz plik z darmową lekcją w PDF

Zadanie 1. Wysłuchaj piosenki z youtube jednocześnie czytając tekst. O czym mówią słowa?


I like pleasure ____________with __________

And ________________ is my aeroplane

It’s my aeroplane

______________sweet and _____________Jane

And music is my aeroplane

It’s my aeroplane

Pleasure _______________ with pain

That _________________’s always spiked with pain


Looking in my own ______________, hey Lord

I can’t find the _______________ I want

Someone better ___________me

Before I start to_____________

Before I start to ______________________

Looking in my __________________ mirror (2x)

I can make it ______________ (2x)

have no _______________


Sitting in my ________________, hey girl

I’m turning into ____________again

My ________________baby

The star of Mazzy must

Push her _________________ inside of me

I’m overcoming_____________ (2x)

It’s easy when you’re sad to be

It’s easy when you’re sad, sad like me


Just one ______________could make me float

Could make me float away

One note from the ____________ she wrote

Could_____________ me where I lay

Just one note could make me _____________

One note, that’s not a lie

Just one note could cut my _________________

One note could make me die

Zadanie 2. Uzupełnij luki w piosence słowami poniżej.

slap, rust, dust, melancholy, gravity, spiked, pain, Songbird, eyes, love, rear-view, fear, kitchen, voice, song, fuck, motherfucker, sour, choke, throat, note, decompose, disappear, music,

Zadanie 3. Przeczytaj komentarze. Czy zgadzasz się z nimi?

  • The Red Hot Chili Peppers are an American rock band formed in Los Angeles in 1983. Their music incorporates elements of alternative rock, funk, punk rock and psychedelic
  • The chorus was actually written by Flea, and the song’s based on an old gospel song “Jesus is my Aeroplane” that Flea listened to when he was younger:

Oh, Jesus is my air-o-plane
He holds this world in his hands
He rides along, He don’t never fall

He’s not religious in that sense any more, but he feels that music is his Aeroplane. it’s probably both about enjoying music and also drugs.

  • If you pay attention, Anthony struggled with his drug addiction around this time. And a lot of the time, he would have upbeat music, but put depressing lyrics in it. In my opinion, he was calling for help. There’s a lot to it too. Like “looking in my rearview mirror, I can make it disappear”, is pretty much about Hillel’s death. And Anthony did drugs in his kitchen. But the whole band was there too, that they were too gone to pay attention to Anthony’s call for help. It’s what I see. This song has so much to it, I could go on and on.
  • I believe this song is about drug addiction. During the relaease of ‘One Hot Minute’ Anthony Kiedis had slipped back into drugs as soon as he started making music again. He admitted it in numerous interviews, saying that replacing Hillel again made him depressed and he couldnt cope. Thats why he says he hated making One Hot Minute, because it brought up all his old pain about Hillel Slovak’s death.
  • I love the Velvet Underground reference. “Sour Jane”.
  • the dude who said flea’s daughter’s name ISNT Clara is a total moron. he said her name was claire. Claire is actually some chick anthony dated on and off during the “Californication” era.
  • wow nobody pointed out that Mazzy Star refrence? The song is obviously about how Music is his addiction and he makes a refrence to singer Mazzy Star and her song “Into Dust”

Still falling
Breathless and on again
Inside today
Beside me today
Around broken in two
‘Till you eyes shed
Into dust

Zadanie 3. Uzupełnij definicje słowami, które są wyróżnione (na grubo). Słowa mogą być w tekście piosenki, lub w komentarzach.

  • ____________________ a man; a guy
  • _______________ impale on or pierce with a sharp point.
  • ______________ hit or strike with the palm of the hand or a flat object.
  • __________________ cheerful; optimistic.
  • ______________ having an acid taste like lemon or vinegar.
  • _______________ relating to or denoting drugs (especially LSD) that produce hallucinations and apparent expansion of consciousness.
  • __________ succeed in dealing with a problem
  • _______________ corrode, oxidize, become rusty, tarnish, crumble away, decay
  • __________ a despicable or very unpleasant person
  • ___________________ a medicine or other substance which has a physiological effect when ingested or otherwise introduced into the body.
  • ____________________ lose one’s footing and slide unintentionally for a short distance.
  • ______________________ a stupid person.
  • __________________ a young woman.
  • _____________________ deal effectively with something difficult.
  • _________________ fine, dry powder consisting of tiny particles of earth or waste matter lying on the ground or on surfaces or carried in the air.

Zadanie 4. Posłuchaj piosenki jeszcze raz zastanawiając się: o czym ona jest? Możesz teraz zauważyć, na ile twoje pierwsze wrażenie po odsłuchaniu piosenki były słuszne.

Jeśli piosenka ci się podoba, możesz nauczyć się jej na pamięć i śpiewać razem z nagraniem. Oczywiście po angielsku! Chcesz zanurzyć się w języku i szybko nauczyć się angielskiego!