Lekcja #43 dialog between a bus passenger and the bus conductor

Lekcja #43 dialog between a bus passenger and the bus conductor

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– Excuse me, does this bus go to Times Square?

– Yes, this bus goes to Times Square. Hop on!

-Great, how much is the fare?

– It’s $2.75 for a single ride. You can pay with exact change or use a MetroCard.

-I have a MetroCard. Here you go.

– Thank you. Make sure to swipe it when you board.

-Will do. What time does the bus leave?

– We’re scheduled to leave in 5 minutes.

-Thanks. Are there any stops near Central Park?

– Yes, we have a stop right by Central Park on 5th Avenue.

-Perfect, thank you!

– You’re welcome! Enjoy your ride and have a great day!


-Good afternoon, I’d like to purchase a round-trip ticket to Manchester, please.

– Good afternoon, certainly. A round-trip ticket to Manchester would cost £25.50. Would you prefer a window or aisle seat?

-I’d prefer an aisle seat, if possible.

– Of course, I’ve reserved seat 12A for you. Here’s your ticket. Please ensure you validate it upon boarding and keep it handy for inspection.

-Thank you. Could you also inform me of the departure and arrival times?

– Certainly. The bus departs at 2:30 PM from Gate 7 and is scheduled to arrive in Manchester at approximately 5:45 PM, barring any unforeseen delays.

-Excellent. Is there a restroom on board the bus?

– Yes, there is a lavatory located at the rear of the bus for passengers’ convenience.

-Great, thank you for the information. Are there any complimentary amenities provided during the journey, such as Wi-Fi or refreshments?

– I’m afraid we do not offer Wi-Fi, but there will be a complimentary selection of beverages and snacks available for passengers during the journey.

-That’s satisfactory, thank you. Lastly, is there a designated area for luggage storage?

– Yes, there is an overhead compartment for smaller bags and a larger storage area beneath the bus for larger luggage. Please ensure all items are securely stowed.

-Understood, I’ll make sure of it. Thank you for your assistance.

– You’re welcome. Should you require any further assistance or have any inquiries during the journey, please don’t hesitate to approach me. Enjoy your journey with us.

-I appreciate your assistance. I look forward to a comfortable journey.


– Good afternoon, driver. Could you please inform me of the next scheduled stop?

– Certainly, sir/madam. The upcoming stop is Grand Central Station, followed by Union Square in approximately 10 minutes.

– Excellent. I presume the bus operates on a punctual timetable?

– Absolutely, our services are meticulously timed to adhere to the official schedule. We pride ourselves on our reliability and efficiency.

– That’s commendable. I’ve had experiences with other transit systems where punctuality was a major issue.

– I understand, reliability is paramount for our passengers. May I inquire if you are familiar with the fare structure?

– Yes, I’m aware. I possess a monthly pass. However, I appreciate your diligence in confirming.

– Thank you for your understanding. Please proceed to your seat, and I will announce the approaching stations in due course.

– Much appreciated. I must say, your professionalism is quite refreshing.

– Thank you, sir/madam. It’s my duty to ensure a pleasant and efficient journey for all passengers.


Key vocabulary:

Bus driver: A person who drives a bus to transport passengers from one location to another.

Bus route: The specific path or course that a bus follows to reach its destination, including designated stops.

Public transportation: Systems and services that provide transportation for the public, such as buses, trains, and subways.

Ticket fare: The amount of money a passenger pays for a bus ticket to travel on a specific route.

Traffic regulations: Rules and laws governing the operation of vehicles, including buses, on roads to ensure safety and efficiency.

Bus schedule: A timetable that specifies the departure and arrival times of buses at various stops along a route.

Bus depot: A facility where buses are housed, parked, maintained, and dispatched for service.

Commute: The regular journey that a person makes between their home and place of work or study, often using public transportation like buses.